June 13

Spotlight Your Key Reasons To Buy


If you want buyers to appreciate and understand why your product or service is the best choice, you have to make the strongest case possible.

But instead of you telling them those reasons, it's much more effective if you have one of your clients discussing them on camera and in their own words.

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If you want buyers to appreciate and understand why your product or service is the best choice you have to make the strongest case possible. But instead of you telling them those reasons, it's much more effective. If you can have one of your clients discussing them on camera and in their own words.

Hello, welcome to win clients with case studies. So today on the show, we are going to be talking about spotlighting your key reasons to buy. Now, this is different to just regularly talking about your features and benefits in your standard marketing communications. Because when you use case studies to do this, you are coming from a perspective or paradigm, even of making it a discussion talking point area. And the wonderful thing about that is that it doesn't then come across as being salesy, or you trying to pitch this particular reason why a buyer should end up buying. Instead, it's very much helping educate them and enlightening them to this particularly good feature of your product or service that if only they were to appreciate it a lot more and understand it in full that in turn would then be important to them. And in fact, important enough for it to make it onto their buying criteria list.

Now that's something we covered in last week's show, but when that particular feature or element to your service makes it onto their buying criteria list, the wonderful thing about that is then that's helping pre-qualify you as the ideal choice of partner or provider. And if by chance, that's not something that your competitor offers, then you also at the same time said about disqualifying your competitor or competitors, because they don't offer that as well. So when it comes to actually producing the case study before what you head off and do the case study interview, the magic always happens in pre-production in pre-production. This is where we establish all of the key reasons to buy. And those particular areas that you and your sales team want to shine a light on because you know that they are deal winning arguments and deal winning insights that ultimately are the drivers for buyers becoming clients.

Now, this isn't a process to be taken lightly. It's one that requires a good deal of focus and from a sales and marketing point of view, it's actually a lot of fun. And the reason why I say that is because during the pre-production consultation, what you have to do is sit down both sales and marketing so that you can get both sides of the picture and the expertise of both sales and marketing in determining what are the key things you want to spotlight and have covered in your case study interview, because when you have those nicely established and you've got agreement there between sales marketing, that yep, this is the definitive list of our knockout reasons for buying. And these are the things that we know make the real difference ultimately, to acquiring a customer. Once you've got that list, you are then able to set about doing the case study interview and the magic happens because you naturally lead your client.

Who's on screen doing the interview. You naturally lead them onto talking about these particular areas, which are indeed your key reasons to buy. Now, as I mentioned, all of the magic happens in pre-production. So before we head on the road, before we sit down and interview one of your clients, but with all the preparation in the world, and it's fair to say, by the way that with good preparation, you end up with amazing results. But even with all of the preparation that you'll invariably do for this, when it comes to sitting down and actually interviewing the client, it's quite amazing what they will actually come out and talk about having been guided onto talking about that particular area. So let's say we want to focus on one particular area. I'll call it area X, just so that's I, I don't color your perceptions on this.

So area X of your product and what you will typically find is that your client when asked about it and we go into detail about area X of your product, that they actually have a different take on how and why it was of use to them, and also the value that they place on it and where it fitted into helping them with their problem or need. Now, the main thing of course, is that we've got your client there talking about this particular product area. And that's a great thing because it's not coming across as salesy or coming across as a pitch to the person watching they're learning from this. And the thing that I've found whilst doing this is that almost every time without exception is that we'll get one real nugget of an insight for something which no one on your team had previously thought of, or that they'd attributed any significant value to, in other words, in doing the case study interview, and by getting your client to talk about these key reasons to buy, you will come away with it at the end of it with, and this isn't not a guarantee by the way, but as I say, every time I do this, we do end up coming away with one solid nugget or insight, which you are then able to use in your marketing communications moving forward.

Ultimately, the reason or benefit for doing this is that we are guiding what your buyer should be paying attention to, and also what they should be attributing value to. And the whole time that we're doing this, we are in turn, pre-qualifying your product or service as being the perfect fit for their needs. 

It's a beautifully smooth way of doing this. And on the part of the buyer, it's a wonderfully frictionless and natural education process because they don't feel like they're being sold or pitched to how about this. Then let's do a quick exercise of sort. Imagine if you will, that you've got your full team from sales and marketing sat down with you right now. And what we'll go through is the process of determining what are the talking points that you really want to have your customer focused on and really appreciating?

So the, the question quite simply right here is what would be say the top five talking point areas, which collectively sales and marketing would ultimately agree on are the five strongest and most important features of your product or service that you want to spotlight in the case study itself. What are those points, whatever those points are when you've come up with them. And when we later set about talking about them during the case study interview, what's actually happening from the viewer's point of view is that we are loading them up with and educating them into being a perfect potential future client for you. And the reason why is because we are engineering it so that they will see the world from the point of view that you do, which is that your product or service is the best out there. And when they see that too, then that's when the sale is made.

So there you have it, the reason why you want to be using case studies in this way is so that you can get your target buyers focused on the things which, you know, ultimately are responsible for them buying your product or service. And by focusing them on your reasons to buy you are at the same time, disqualifying your competitors, because they will not have the same lineup of features and in benefits that you do and in doing so, we are at the same time, then completely pre-qualifying your product or service as the best choice for their problem or need it's a wonderfully naturally process. It stands out from all other types of marketing, because it doesn't feel like marketing. And because you are providing this high quality education resource in the form of a case study, your buyers will actually be thanking you for it because you are perhaps the only one that's taking the trouble to provide them with quality information, which they can learn from, and ultimately be confident that they will be able to make an informed and educated purchase decision spotlight, your key reasons to buy, get one of your best clients to talk about it in their own words.

And that's how you can end up with an incredibly powerful sales and marketing tool. So that's it for episode number three, if you'd like to subscribe by the way, you can do that via your favourite podcasting app, alternatively, by visiting the podcast website at casestudies.uk that's case studies.uk, where you can sign up by email. 

And finally, just in case we are not already connected on LinkedIn, then please do send me a connection request. Well, this has been win clients with case studies, I'm James Rostance. And I look forward to you joining me on the next one,

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